St. Mel Catholic Church | Fair Oaks, California

A Parish of the Diocese of Sacramento

Mens Day of Faith

Men’s Day of Renewal One Day Retreat for Men

 Men's Day of Faith 2018. Date TBA


The purpose of this retreat is to bring men closer to Christ.

Our desire is to offer men throughout the diocese a day to come together in a community and gain encouragement and inspiration to serve God in our families, churches, workplace and community. We will utilize the new St. Mel’s Parish Center to host this day of renewal. Men are invited to a renewal of the fire The Lord places in their hearts through the gifts and truths of the Catholic faith.


Our hope from this retreat is that men:

• Are encouraged

• Are inspired

• Are challenged and reassured in their faith

• Realize they are not alone

• Grow in Holiness

• Re-focus on the most important things in their lives

• Grow in virtue

• Bond as men in Christ

• Are strengthened in constant vigilance


This retreat is done with the collaboration of many men in the parish. Any monies received in this retreat after expenses will be donated to the building fund for St. Mel’s Parish Center, however this is not the key purpose of this event and we entrust the generosity and gifts given to the providence of God.


For More information and to Register for this Men’s Day of Renewal