St. Mel Catholic Church | Fair Oaks, California

A Parish of the Diocese of Sacramento


The "Annettes" is one of the oldest parish organizations at St. Mel's.  Their purpose is to provide a reception for grieving families on the day of a loved ones funeral. 

In a very real way they practice

The Spiritual Act of Mercy:  To Comfort the Sorrowful and

The Corporal Act of Mercy: To Feed the Hungry

This organization prepares food; salads and desserts as well as a main course, they set up the recepetion area, attend to the necessary duties of a hostess (making sure food dosen't run out, drinks are available, people are comfortable) and of course when it's over they clean up.  They relieve the stress and burden of "entertaining." and allow the family and friends of the deceased to console, comfort and reminise with one another at a time that is sorrowful and very difficult.

Christ's command to "love one another" is lived in the ministry of the Annettes.  The volunteers, with little notice, and very big, compassionate hearts make themselves available to the St. Mel Parish community day after day, week after week, and year after year.

Could you see yourself as an Annette? 

  • Are you able to donate a salad, a vegetable tray, a dessert?

  • Or perhaps give a few hours of your time to set up and decorate the Parish Center for a funeral reception? 

  • Maybe you can be a phone tree caller, calling the volunteers and giving them details about date, time and food needed? 

  • Can you see yourself checking to make sure trays of food and water pitchers are full? 

  • Are you able to do some clean-up? 


If you would like to volunteer, please call the office, 916-967-1229 or send an email, Remember the more parishioners that can volunteer, the easier it is for everyone.